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SPEECHified- For Early Childhood Educators

Speech and language skills are foundational for emotional, academic and behavioural success.
















"We enjoyed how engaging and informative SPEECHifed was. The staff really benefited from a SPEECHified Coach coming into the Centre to coach the serve and return in action.

We have already seen improvements in some of the children which is so great to see!"


Desiree Chmilar, Executive Director, Beverly Day Care Society and Family Resource Centre

Kindergarten Guide

How Does It Work?

1) Choose Your SPEECHifed Date

Choose a day for your SPEECHified Coach, a specialized speech-language pathologist to come for a 1-1.5 hour visit to your site.

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2) Learning On Your Schedule

Receive a link to a 45 minute, engaging learning module to be viewed before your PlayShop. 

Guidebook Included!


3) "PlayShop"-
On-Site Support


Meet your SPEECHified coach and get hands-on support to learn how to use important speech and brain-building skills.

Specific strategies for children's needs will be provided   


Who Can Be SPEECHified? 

SPEECHified will be a boost for Early Childhood Educators including but not limited to teachers, classroom support staff, daycare and childcare staff, dayhome providers and consultants, Out of School Care workers, and administrators at all levels.​

What Will Early Educators Learn? 

After a brief, distilled learning module built on the Brain Story, participants take this "workshop" into their play space and practice the skills during their everyday activities with the children in their care. During this PlayShop, the SPEECHified coach moves around the room, encouraging participants in their roles and showing them how to apply the strategies in real-time to boost speech and language skills. Speech and language skills are foundational for emotional, academic and behavioural success.  

  • Participants will learn to use powerful speech and language-building skills ("SPEECHified skills") applicable to both typically developing children and children with developmental delays. Building language builds strong brains and leads to academic, social and behavioural success.


  • Early educators learn these skills in the "Serve and Return" framework.   


  • Participants will feel encouraged and reminded of the neurobiological significance of their role to provide high-quality child-caregiver interactions during early child development. 


  • Participants will be able to better support speech and language development by being taught to recognize a child's current ability level (not just where they should be for their age) and knowing how to build from there in simple ways.


  • Participants learn how to inject speech and language boosting skills naturally into their interactions or activity and to do so more frequently. 


  • Participants build self-awareness of interactions patterns that do not support speech and language growth and are supported in identifying which language-building strategies they personally need to practice through self-evaluation. 


  • Participants are supported in developing goals and plans to increase their skills to grow in confidence


  • Participants become better family allies and can offer improved support for speech and language goals for children who may have delays.   

Rates and Options

Whether Early Educators are just beginning their important journey or if they are more seasoned, they will benefit from and enjoy SPEECHified For Early Educators.


Discover what fits best for your needs.

Approved by the Alberta Professional Development Grant Funding Program

Click Here to learn more.

$60 per participant

SPEECHified for Early Educators

6- 15 Participants*

1-hour Learning Module

SPEECHified Blueprint/Guidebook

1-1.5 hour Team PlayShop

*This option is best for daycares in the Edmonton Area

*If a site receives training for all their educators, they are eligible to be known as a SPEECHified site. 

$50 per participant

SPEECHified For Early Educators- Flex

6-25 Participants*

1-hour Learning Module

SPEECHified Blueprint/Workbook

Individualized Video Coaching:

Participants review the learning module and practice the skills using their Blueprint/Guidebook. They send an interaction sample, and get feedback 

*Designed for small sites, dayhomes and groups outside of the

Edmonton Alberta Area

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