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WELCOME, Coaches-To-Be!

You want to reach into lives and brains and make a real difference. Here's your gateway. 

Becoming a SPEECHified Coach

The vision of the SPEECHifiedCoach Training program is to create a supportive community of professionals who are more than just specialized in their field- They are also effective and encouraging coaches.

A SPEECHified Coach builds adult capacity through one-on-one coaching in order to improve developmental outcomes for children. Speech and language development is an essential gateway to help early childhood educators (and the families they work with!) hone strategies that develop stronger brain architecture in children, thereby increasing resilience in families and improving our communities.

SPEECHified Coach Training for ECEs accomplishes these objectives through: 

  1. Providing coaches a broader view of the neuroscience behind the SPEECHified program and connecting SPEECHified coaches into an important network of Brain Story resources.

  2. Continued development of the coach's SPEECHified skills

  3. Skill-building exercises to improve the SPEECHified Coach's ability to provide feedback to other ECEs regarding their use of SPEECHified skills

  4. Training on the use of the SPEECHified framework and materials to support the coaching process. 


Completion of SPEECHified Coach Training will provide you with:

  • Specialized skills that enhance your service delivery and outcomes

  • Certification as a SPEECHified Coach with an accompanying certificate

  • Approved access to SPEECHified coaching materials 

  • Access to the SPEECHified Coaches' community on the CarePal app, providing a communication network to your head coach and also a

  • Networking space for coaches to share ideas

Coach Training Delivery Details:

- 3.0 hours

- Completion of the SPEECHified for ECEs workshop is a mandatory prerequisite 

- Online or In-Person Available 

- Minimum group size depends on desired location of training 

- Pricing depends on format, location and number of participants

- Coach training is provided by a SPEECHified Head Coach, a specialized SLP

- Ongoing support from the head coach for 3 months following the training is required to ensure new coaches feel confident. Formatted to fit your agency's needs and resources. 

Contact me to book your SPEECHified Coach Training Session 

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