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You want children and their families to thrive

SPEECHified is a powerful parent coaching program that can be tailor-fit to your already existing, valuable services to children and their families.

It's all there in the research- parent capacity building is key to improved outcomes for children. SPEECHified is the tool that can unleash this power in your organization- and parents love it! SPEECHified was developed on the foundation of important research that is known as The Brain Story.


The SPEECHified program turns speech and language services into:

1) A gateway to help parents understand and use powerful principles of brain development that lead to greater resilience 

2) A gateway to improve parent-child interactions/relationships

3) A gateway to building core life skills

4) A gateway to help parents feel encouraged in their crucial role

SPEECHified™ targets the crucial early years from birth to 5 years, because early language development supports cognitive, academic, and behavioural success.  


SPEECHified is NOT just a workshop. Parents feel overwhelmed with information and under-supported in practical application. Every parent should have access to personalized, specialized, one-on-one coaching that can boost their child’s speech, language, overall development and future. Especially if there is any sign of a speech/language delay.

SPEECHified consists of the following powerful components, used/combined in consultation with you, to meet the needs of your families:

Initial Consultation/File Review  

The families in your care have a wide variety of abilities and needs. A file review or initial consultation is completed to get to know these needs and to tailor the learning accordingly. 

Learning Modules 

Parents learn language-building skills through engaging, fun, to-the-point teaching and discussion. 

Video Coaching 

Video feedback is powerful! Parents get the rare chance to see themselves in action and get encouraging, specialized guidance.

SPEECHified sessions may be done in-person, via ZOOM or a combination that best suits your needs. 

Let’s become a powerful team today.  

Contact me to tailor-fit this opportunity to your services and the families you serve.

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