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Get SPEECHified 

Simple Powerful Steps to Boost Your Child's Development

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Get Ready

Sign-up for the next SPEECHified session or reach out for more details

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Learn Skills

Attend your 1-hour session to learn speech/language- boosting skills.

Parent guidebook included.

Get Coached

Try the skills, send footage and receive timely, individualized feedback from a specialist.  
3 video-coaching
sessions for $150

1 video-coaching
session for $60

You’re the parent that has googled every child development strategy. You want your child to become their best self, through making yourself your best self.  But you’re finding googling is just not enough. You need someone to show you how to use all this information with your unique child, in your unique family setting, maximizing your own unique strengths. Get personalized, specialized, one-on-one coaching to boost your child’s speech, language, overall development and their future through these easy steps:

Get Ready: Find an upcoming session and register today! Click here to learn more. 

Learn Skills: In this learning session, I highlight core skills that are proven to increase not only speech and language but overall development including academic, emotional and behavioural success. They are explained simply and with examples. You will be guided to set goals and self evaluate. 

Get Coached: After taking some time to try these strategies, send me your video footage!  Record yourself playing and interacting with your child using your new SPEECHified skills. Have a helper record you if needed. Talk and interact naturally for 2-3 minutes of recording. I will then review your footage and I will send you useful feedback, walking you through highlights and giving specific and practical feedback. I will recommend specific goals that will boost your child's speech and language.


"My son has about 15 new words that he has developed since we started using SPEECHified skills at home with him in the past couple months." 

Katie Orr, SPEECHified Parent

"Thank you for the wonderful SPEECHified program. I feel this has empowered me as a parent."

Subah Memon, SPEECHified Parent

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