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WELCOME, Coaches-To-Be!

What does SPEECHified Coach Training bring to

my practice?

Becoming a SPEECHified Coach

The vision of the SPEECHifiedCoach Training program is to create a supportive community of professionals who are more than just specialized in their field, they are also effective and encouraging parent coaches.

A SPEECHified Coach™ builds adult capacity through one-on-one coaching to improve developmental outcomes for children. Speech and language is a non-threatening, simple gateway to help parents learn about and develop stronger brain architecture in their children, increasing resilience in families.  


SPEECHified Parent Coach Training accomplish this objective through: 


  1. Facilitating meaningful, efficient, skill-building exercises and discussions

  2. Providing a parent capacity-building framework, and 

  3. Teaching and supporting patterns of self-analysis and self-improvement that will help professionals continue to improve their parent coaching skills into the future.


Completion of SPEECHified Coach Training will provide you with:

  • Certification in SPEECHified Parent Coaching

  • An accompanying official SPEECHified Parent Coach certificate

  • Approved access to valuable parent coaching materials 

  • Specialized skills that enhance your service delivery and outcomes

The SPEECHIfied Program is made up of three simple modules with hands-on learning experiences. 

Module 1: Foundations of the SPEECHified Program 

Module 2: Powerful Parent Teaching 

Module 3: Effective Parent Coaching

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