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Module 3:
Effective Parent Coaching

How do we effectively use video coaching with parents to build their skills and confidence? 

On a Video Call
Module 3A: Self-Coaching Experience 



Coaches will film a child interaction and evaluate their own SPEECHified skills, gaining insight into the parent experience. 

Length/Format: Approx. 45 minutes, home learning opportunity  


  • Coaches film themselves in an interaction with a child, just as a parent would during the SPEECHified program

  • They then analyze the footage using the Coaching Template to see how well they are using the SPEECHified skills

  • Through this process, coaches gain insight that will be helpful when guiding parents through this process


Module 3B: Effective Parent Coaching 



Coaches will improve their ability to effectively review parent video footage and offer valuable feedback to parents.

Length/Format: 2 hour discussion and practice


  • Discussion of learning from the self-coaching experience 

  • Principles of effective parent footage review

  • Practice parent footage review through use of sample videos


Module 3C: Solo Parent Session



Coaches teach a  SPEECHified parent session independently, targeting their personal goals, to improve their parent coaching skills and set a pattern for future self-improvement. 

Length:1-1.5 hours


  • Coaches run a SPEECHified session independently, including teaching and a parent coaching, with support from their Coach Trainer

  • They self-analyze, review their goals, set new goals using a provided template

  • They review their performance and goals with their Coach Trainer

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