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Module 2:
Principles of Powerful Teaching

Let's discuss what makes a powerful teacher. Powerful parent coaching begins with powerful teaching.

Psychology Patient
Module 2A: Principles of
Powerful Teaching

Objectives: Coaches discuss what makes teaching meaningful and engaging, then set individual goals for their upcoming teaching opportunity. 

Length/Format: 1-1.5 hour discussion


  • Observations/insights learned from Module 1

  • SPEECHified Content:

    • Personalization 

    • Adapting to Meet Needs of Parents

  • SPEECHified Presentation Skills:

    • Engaging Teaching

    • The Rabbit Effect- Connecting with Caring

  • Becoming Intentional-  Self-Analysis and Goal Setting 

Module 2B: SPEECHified Parent Session Teaching Experience


Objective: Coaches in training will gain experience teaching SPEECHified to build their confidence and skills.  

Length/Format: 1 hour, teaching a portion of a live SPEECHified parent session 


  • Coaches will choose and prepare to teach a portion of the live SPEECHified parent session

  • Coaches are filmed by a team member, in order to self-analyze their skills

Contact your SPEECHified Team Lead for the time and date of your SPEECHifed teaching experience. 

Module 2C: Parent Session


Objective: Coaches in training will improve their teaching skills through observing their own parent teaching footage.

Length/Format: 1 hour, home learning opporunity


  • Coaches will review their footage from their SPEECHified parent session using the Teaching Self-Assessment Template

  • Coaches will set goals for improvement

  • Participants discuss their experience as a group during Module 3

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