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Module 1:
Foundations of
the SPEECHified Program

Let's tap into the most important, powerful, long-lasting source of power for change for these kids- Their parents. 

Psychology Patient
Module 1A: Foundations of the SPEECHified Program 



Introduce the rationale, objectives, and methods of the SPEECHified program and the coach training process.

Length/Format: 1 hour Discussion


  • Introduction to the SPEECHified Program:

    • Rationale and Research Foundation

    • Meeting Real-Life Needs

    • SPEECHified Program Objectives

    • SPEECHified Methods    

Module 1B: SPEECHified Material Review



Coaches become familiar with the SPEECHified teaching outline and accompanying materials.

Length/Format: Approx. 1 hour Home Learning Opportunty 


Module 1C: SPEECHified Parent Session Observation 



Coaches get a clear picture of the format and tone of the SPEECHified program in preparation to teach their own sessions. 

Length/Format: 1.5 hour Observation of a Live SPEECHified Parent Session


  • Coaches in training observe a live parent session taught by a SPEECHified Team Lead 

  • Observations/questions are discussed during the next session.

Contact your SPEECHified Team Lead for the next upcoming session date and time. 

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